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Goblin Shark Mouth

Living in the great ocean depths where there is no light, means it doesn't really need color! The Goblin shark also has large pelvic and anal fins and a very long tail.

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Fishes of the World fourth ed. Reproduction The goblin shark is thought to be ovoviviparous; however, a pregnant female has never been captured. Your Guide to C. It has been found in waters up to feet 1, meters deep, and in waters as shallow as to feet 95 to meters. It shows how quickly the jaws can extend. They have very sharp points that will cut into meat. The long snout appears to have a sensory function, as it bears numerous ampullae of Lorenzini that can detect the weak electric fields produced by other animals.

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Fast Facts about Goblin Sharks Name: These teeth act something like a hunting knife -- they cut easily through tough flesh and bone. The goblin shark seldom comes in contact with humans; however, because of its large size it could be potentially dangerous. Pseudocarcharias Crocodile shark P. In addition to its wide range, most of its population is thought to reside in unfished environments because few adults are caught. Odontaspis nasutus Bragan├ža, Scapanorhynchus dofleini Engelhardt, Scapanorhynchus jordani Hussakof, Scapanorhynchus mitsukurii White, The goblin shark was first described in , by Jordan, as Mitsukurina.

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Retrieved 14 January Most captures are isolated incidents; one of the few areas where it is caught regularly is off southern Japan, where around 30 individuals mostly juveniles are taken each year. It has a noticeably long head, tiny eyes and five short gill openings. The pinkish appearance comes from the fact that the shark lacks most color pigments in it's skin.

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Goblin Shark Mouth

Goblin Shark Mouth: Erotic Massage

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