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See Additional Information Made with a smile in sunny California: Mine has healed but i notice that there is like a scar left from it. What you are describing is most likely a congenital condition known as a pilonidal cyst. Use a serum with Vit. You don't say what your gastrointestinal issues are, but candida or other intertrigo is a strong possibility.

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Shingles affecting any of these dermatomes may involve the butt cracks. Also, rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or toilet paper is great to use to stop itching but after a while you won't even need that because you will have cured the worms. Never disregard the medical advice of your physician or health professional, or delay in seeking such advice, because of something you read on this Site. It's actually White Butt Crack an "adult" version of diaper rash cream. It helps as car seats are so much harder these days. Sometimes I then add baby powder, but it is the very cold water that makes it get better.

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The warmth and moistness of that part of the body with the added irritation is the likely cause. It sounds like herpes out break so thy need to test the cut for that. I thought I had it whipped there for a while but now it's back. This happens to me. Have itchy and puss leaking skin on butt crack. Andrew Rynne Family Physician. It started just along the line of the butt crack and now its

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Hes 6'5" and was working on a Range Rover that was on a lift above him. The Range slipped off from the front right axile and fell onto his legs, pinning him down for 1hr and 20mins. Go to Walgreens and get some pinworm medication. This makes the skin in the surrounding area very irritable and easy to pull off from scraching.

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This has been happening to me since I was a young teen and I'm in my thirties now. After bathing dry area then use the cotton pad that is saturated with the scalp product. I also have this problem, except my problem happened after I had a boil in the area, once the boil drained and White Butt Crack it seemed fine but then I also found a crack around about the area where the boil use to be. I used Cottonelle for awhile and recently started having this issue. I have itchy butt I ich so much and hard it starts to sting I have tried A and D ointment hemroidal cream and desitin an they burn me bad the only thing that calms it down is hot water what'd I do.

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